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My god that was incredily awesome! What nice work :)

I Like :)

Nice man. I'm an extreme fan of Pure Pwnage and personally love FPS_Doug and the latest episode (15 - T-BAG) where he finally returns after him getting mad that Jeremy and GF wouldn't let him play with them.

When I saw title I didn't expect FPS_Doug, but I thought about actually, but it ends up being about FPS_Doug. I kinda wish you did a scence with him getting all mad that he died though, so that's why I took off 2/10.

DuDuL responds:

Well yeah... FPS Doug is the epic character...
About the lagging piece of shit... actually look using MY eyes lol... it has no logical place for it to be in wolfenstein 3d diemension XD


Loved it, awesome colab :P

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Really Good Game ;)

Hey, this is Chaosdragon94 from Diablofans.com! Great gameplay as the original tetris, lacks some features but would be impossible to implement, overall just a great game. Especially 'cause it's Diablo themed. :P

WOW, Amazing Job!

Seriously! It's great! This should be front page news on the official Portal website or whatever. It is great!! I took off one point for the performance though. Sorry :(


Nothing much to say really.. pretty sweet. A bit of laughs, enjoyed watching it. Good action (but little of it) as I hoped :)

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Better singing at least.

Better signing than most songs, though I'm not a fan of silly singing. This song sounds familiar :/ a silly cover of some popular song eh?

giftedbuttwisted responds:

No its an original

Ehh... generic.

Not good. You should come up with more unique riffs - and alltogether, more unique songs. I have never known punk to be unique, but you should try and work at that.

No offence either but you're not the best at singing - maybe you should get someone else to do that.

giftedbuttwisted responds:

We kinda are a generic punk band

Sounds Good

@Terrorist - It's not the fact it's too long, in-fact it's too short imo, he just doesn't change it up enough :/

Trance and techno songs are always too short for my likeing.

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