Gone back to Techno/Trance/Dance, for now at least. Might change later on. I got an electric guitar and want to record my own songs, so I just might make metal songs instead of only the drum beat.

Metal Drum Beats... :)

2008-11-22 13:44:17 by Cdragon94

Aie, I shall be making metal drum beats now! I normally just wing it, but If I have an idea I'll do it.

Trance Songs.. Finished?

2008-03-16 01:34:41 by Cdragon94

I got a new program... but eh, need a crack for it and I can't find any. Stupid thing won't detect a CD. When a crack comes out for it... well I'll be making some Trance songs that sound better... then my other so-called very slow Trance songs :D

Trance Songs...

2008-03-01 17:41:50 by Cdragon94

I am switching programs and starting work on trance songs! Yay :)
Check out my new song, "Test of Strength", which seems to be loved so far.

About my music...

2007-10-17 17:16:21 by Cdragon94

It's with a noob program. Please do not be to harsh. Rarely do I come up with a real awesome sounding one.